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Looking for an eco-friendly yet powerful commuting option? You may want to consider the DaylyRide Leopard Pro, an electric bike that’s turning heads in the UK.

Today, we will be delving into this fantastic piece of machinery to see if it’s the e-bike for you.

DaylyRide Leopard Pro: A Brief Overview

The DaylyRide Leopard Pro, priced at £1,648.00 down from £2,000.00, is a full suspension, 26-inch fat tyre electric bike that boasts a 1000W motor and a 15Ah battery.

This e-bike, stocked in the UK, promises fast, free shipping and a host of amazing features that can turn any regular commute into an adventurous journey.

Key Features of DaylyRide Leopard Pro


The Leopard Pro comes with a Qihang brushless motor with a power output of 1000W, enabling you to climb steep slopes of up to 45 degrees with ease.

This powerful motor helps you cover long distances, whether it’s on flat city streets or winding mountain paths, giving you the freedom to ride as you, please.

Battery Life and Charging

The bike is powered by a 48V 15Ah Samsung battery that is conveniently concealed within the downtube. This lithium battery needs 4-6 hours to charge completely and can provide a cycling range of over 60 km when fully charged.

Shimano’s 9-speed Derailleur

DaylyRide Leopard Pro employs a 9-speed derailleur manufactured by Shimano, a major cycling component producer.

This derailleur ensures precise and seamless speed shifting and is popular among cyclists for its long lifespan and reliability.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Safety is a paramount concern for DaylyRide, as evident from the dual disc braking system from Shimano in the Leopard Pro.

This braking system offers precise control and reduces braking distance significantly, even in wet conditions or on uneven terrains.

Full Suspension

image of the DAYLYRIDE Leopard Pro DYX90 electric bike front suspension

The Leopard Pro uses a rear shock and an adjustable front fork for suspension. This technology drastically reduces vibrations and jolting, making your ride smoother. Particularly on hilly terrain, full suspension bikes offer increased comfort and control, as they are less likely to send a rider over the bars.

image of the DAYLYRIDE Leopard Pro DYX90 electric bike rear suspension and back wheel.


The Leopard Pro utilises high-quality, reliable CST tyres to provide optimal stability, efficiency, and buoyancy under various conditions, be it snow-covered mountains, rocky shores, gravel roads, or smooth pavements.

Intelligent LCD Display

The Daylyride Leopard Pro is equipped with a cutting-edge control panel, offering various features and insights about the e-bike. This handlebar-mounted LCD has a simple, easy-to-read interface and displays data like battery level, distance travelled, current speed, and assistance level.

image of the LCD display on the handle bars of the daylyride leopard pro electric bike

Product Specifications

SpecificationsBEZIOR XF001BKC91 Retro StyleELEGLIDE TANKROLLLankeleisi MG740Plus
ModelBezior XF001BKC91TankrollMG740 Plus
Top Speed (km/h)455032 (adjustable)49
Max Load (kg)120120120180
Waterproof RatingIP54IP54IPX4IP54
Voltage (V)48484848
Motor Power (W)100010007402000 (Dual motor)
Charging Time (hours)6-74-56.56-7
Range – Pure Electric (km)35-3737-4065-70 (Assist Mode)60-70
Range – Power Assisted (km)4550120-150
Battery Capacity (Ah)12.5201017.5
Tyres20″ x 4.0″20″ x 4.0″26″ x 4.0″26″ x 4.0″
Weight (kg)30323134
Product specs Table

Pros and Cons of DaylyRide Leopard Pro

The Leopard Pro e-bike is a strong contender in the market due to its high-quality features.. However, every product has its pros and cons, and being aware of these will help you make an informed decision.


  1. High-performance 1000W brushless motor
  2. Large-capacity Samsung battery
  3. Shimano’s 9-speed derailleur for seamless speed shifting
  4. Hydraulic disc brakes for enhanced safety
  5. Full suspension for a smooth ride
  6. High-quality CST tyres for stability under varied conditions
  7. Intelligent LCD display for easy monitoring


While there are many advantages to the DaylyRide Leopard Pro, it’s important to consider some potential downsides:

  1. The charging time of 4-6 hours might be a little long for some users
  2. The weight of the bike, around 33kg, could be heavy for some people
  3. The initial cost might be a bit steep, although it is on par with e-bikes of similar specs

Comparative Analysis

Comparing the DaylyRide Leopard Pro to other e-bikes in the same price range will help you see where it stands in the market.

FeaturesBEZIOR XF001BKC91 Retro StyleELEGLIDE TANKROLLLankeleisi MG740Plus
ModelBezior XF001BKC91TankrollMG740 Plus
Price (£)£1,229.00£1,199.00£1,199.00£1,749.00
Top Speed (mph)2831Adjustable up to 2030
Max Load (lbs)264264264396
Waterproof RatingIP54IP54IPX4IP54
Motor Power (W)100010007402000 (Dual motor)
Charging Time (hrs)6-74-56.56-7
Battery Capacity (Ah)12.5201017.5
Tyre Size20″ x 4.0″20″ x 4.0″26″ x 4.0″26″ x 4.0″
Weight (lbs)66.170.568.374.9
Frame MaterialAluminum AlloyHigh-carbon SteelAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Max Range (miles)22-23 Pure Electric / 28 Assisted23-25 Pure Electric / 31 Assisted40-43 Assist Mode37-43 Electric mode / 74-93 Assisted
Comparison Table For the dayly ride leopard pro electric bike vs competitors

Competitor Comparison

The BEZIOR XF001 offers a blend of speed, style, and power, featuring an impressive top speed of 45km/h and a maximum range of 45km in power-assisted mode.

Its aluminium alloy frame and smart LCD display make it a reliable choice for both new and experienced riders.

Read The in-depth guide for the bezior XF001 here.

image of the bezior xf001 elecric bike in green and black wheels

The BKC91 Retro Style e-bike, while similar in some specifications to the Bezior XF001, offers a larger battery capacity and slightly higher top speed.

It also features dual suspension for a smoother ride, and its high-carbon steel frame can endure heavier use.

BKC91 ST3IKE retro Ebike 1 1 1

The ELEGLIDE TANKROLL stands out for its extended range and adjustable speed settings. Its assist mode allows for up to 70km of travel, and the speed can be adjusted up to 32km/h.

Its hydraulic suspension with lockout ensures a comfortable ride on any terrain.

image of the eleglide tankroll electric bike in red, black and white

The Lankeleisi MG740Plus is a dual-motor e-bike that offers the highest top speed of 49km/h and the highest power at 2000W.

It’s the only e-bike in this comparison with a dual motor, which provides superior torque and performance. Its 180kg load capacity also significantly surpasses its competitors.

image of the grey and black Lankeleisi MG740Plus electric bike

Customer Reviews

Customers like Tom and Filippo are raving about their e-bikes. Tom from Manchester, UK has travelled 1200 miles on his e-bike and praises the excellent materials and great battery life.

He mentions that if used sparingly, he could ride up to 80 miles. After a year of usage, he’s very satisfied with his purchase.

On the other hand, Filippo from Turin, Italy admires his e-bike for its superb specifications and its aesthetic appeal. He describes it as a “beast” with a beautiful matte black finish.

He was pleasantly surprised by the punctuality of the delivery and the pristine condition of the bike upon arrival.

It’s clear from these reviews that the products are not only delivering on their promised specifications but are also creating enjoyable and memorable experiences for users.

Who Should Buy The DaylyRide Leopard Pro?

The DaylyRide Leopard Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who is:


The DaylyRide Leopard Pro stands out with its high-performance brushless motor, large capacity Samsung battery, Shimano’s 9-speed derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes, and full suspension.

With its high-quality features and competitive pricing, it is a great investment for those looking to enhance their commuting or recreational cycling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top speed of the DaylyRide Leopard Pro?

The top speed of the DaylyRide Leopard Pro is 50 km/h or 31 mph.

What is the maximum load capacity of the DaylyRide Leopard Pro?

The maximum load capacity is 396 lbs / 180 kg.

How long does it take to charge the DaylyRide Leopard Pro?

The bike requires 4-6 hours to charge completely.

How many speed options does the DaylyRide Leopard Pro offer?

The DaylyRide Leopard Pro offers Shimano’s 9-speed derailleur for seamless speed shifting.

Is the DaylyRide Leopard Pro suitable for off-roading?

Yes, the DaylyRide Leopard Pro, with its full suspension and high-quality CST tires, is ideal for off-roading.

Final Thoughts

“Well, folks, there you have it! We hope our deep dive into the DaylyRide Leopard Pro has shed some light on your path to e-bike enlightenment.

With its raw power, impressive performance, and adaptability, it’s not just a good choice – it might just be your new best friend on two wheels.

Of course, it’s always important to take into account your own unique biking needs and desires. Remember, the best e-bike is the one that makes you smile the widest when you’re zipping around!

Before we wrap up, here’s a little cycle-based chuckle for you: Why don’t bikes ever stand up by themselves? Because they’re two-tired!

Thanks for joining us on this ride, and until next time… keep those wheels spinning and the good times rolling!”

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