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Alright, folks! Buckle up, we’re about to venture into the exciting, exhilarating, and electrifying world of e-bikes! Today, we’re zeroing in on the Super73 RX Mojave. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.

You see, bikes and I, we go way back. Picture this: a fresh-faced 13-year-old, elbow-deep in gears and chains, running his own bike repair business out of the family garage.

Yes, that was me. I was the neighbourhood go-to for bringing old, neglected bikes back to life, all while juggling homework and the trials of teenage life. (No, not getting a date for the school dance, but finding the perfect lubricant for rusty bike chains!)

Video Of The Super 73 RX Mojave

Fast forward a few years (okay, maybe more than a few), and here I am, your humble guide into the realm of e-bikes. My passion for bikes hasn’t waned a bit – if anything, it’s revved up! I’ve traded my childhood wrench for a keyboard, but my goal remains the same: to help you find the perfect ride.

So, when you read a review on this site, you’re not just getting a list of specs – oh no, that’d be far too simple. You’re getting insights informed by a lifetime of bike enthusiasm, backed by the knowledge and skills I’ve painstakingly acquired over the years. You’re getting the inside scoop from someone who knows what makes a great ride because, well, I’ve ridden a bike or two in my time!

Now, let’s get this show on the road and dive headfirst into the Super73 RX Mojave. Prepare to be electrified!

Unboxing the Super73 RX Mojave: Christmas in May, Anyone?

Oh, the joy of unboxing a new gadget – it’s like Christmas morning, innit? And when that box contains the Super73 RX Mojave, it’s a full-blown holiday. Let’s unwrap this beauty, shall we?

image of the Super73 RX Mojave E-Bike in black and blue

First Impressions: Love, at First Sight, Exists

As you peel back the packaging, the Super73 RX Mojave stands there, sleek and sophisticated. The solid build, and the confident stance, it’s the George Clooney of e-bikes!

Build Quality: Built Like a Tank, Rides Like a Dream

Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, the Super73 RX Mojave is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of e-bikes – all muscles, no fluff. It’s sturdy, it’s durable, and it promises a ride smoother than a dollop of Devonshire clotted cream on a scone.

Detailed Features and Specifications: The Super73 RX Mojave Unveiled

Get ready, folks, because we’re about to dive under the hood of the Super73 RX Mojave. Let’s explore the specs that make this e-bike a true beast on the road.

Speed and Range: Ready, Set, Go!

Top Speed25km/h (PAS)
Max RangeEstimated 120 + km using ECO pedal assist
Charge Time6-7 hours
Weight36.3kg with battery – 31.8kg without battery
Max Load150kg
BrakingTektro Hydraulic, 4-piston aluminum forged caliper, 203mm x 2.3mm front rotor, 180mm x 2.3mm rear rotor
Motor SizeSuper73 48V EPAC 250W limited motor, satin black finish
Battery960 watt-hours, 21700 cells
LED Display FeaturesTransflective Monochrome LCD + Mobile Device
AppIOS and Android Compatible
HeadlightRoxim Z4E Elite, 600 Lumen LED
SuspensionFront: Inverted coil spring fork w/ air assist – adjustable preload and rebound damping, 120mm travel, 35mm stanchions Rear: Coil-over piggyback mono shock – adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping
TaillightRoxim R3E LED w/ brake light
TyresFront: 20 x 4.5″ / Rear: 20″ x 5″ BDGR All-Terrain
Rims20″ x 100mm alloy with lightening cutouts
ColoursRhino Grey, Carmine Red, Olive Drab
GearingShimano 11-36T, 8-Speed
Seat Height81 cm
Crank / Front Chain Ring127mm alloy crank arms, 44T chainring for 10-
Turn SignalsOptional
Passenger FootpegsOptional
Length (including tires)178cm
Height (incl handlebars)110cm
Width of handlebars63cm
Super73 RX Mojave Product Specifications

The Super73 RX Mojave boasts a top speed of 25 km/h with a Pedal Assist System (PAS), perfect for those speedy city rides. When it comes to range, this e-bike has got you covered with an estimated 120+ km on ECO pedal assist. Talk about stamina!

Motor and Battery: Power Unleashed

super73 rx mojave battery 1

At the heart of the Super73 RX Mojave lies a satin black finish Super73 48V EPAC 250W limited motor, striking the perfect balance between efficiency and power. The 960-watt-hour battery, packed with 21700 cells, ensures you’ve got the juice for all your adventures.

Braking and Suspension: Safety Meets Comfort

super73 rx mojave Braking and Suspension 1

With Tektro Hydraulic brakes featuring a 4-piston aluminium forged calliper, you can rest assured that stopping power is immediate and reliable. The front and rear suspension systems offer adjustable preload and rebound damping, delivering a smooth ride even on the bumpiest terrains.

Riding Experience: Like Floating on Clouds… Sort Of

Now, let’s talk about how it feels to ride the Super73 RX Mojave. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing!

Off-road Capabilities: Born to Be Wild

The Super73 RX Mojave is an off-road champion. The robust build and powerful motor gobble up rough terrains like a famished lad at a Sunday roast. And the adjustable suspension? It’s like riding on a cloud… a rugged, off-road cloud.

City Commuting: Your Urban Jungle Conqueror

In the city, the Super73 RX Mojave is as nimble as a fox. Its compact design makes weaving through traffic a breeze, and the long battery life means you can go about your day without worrying about finding a charging station. It’s like having your very own magic carpet!

Maintenance Guide: Because We Care

Just like you wouldn’t leave your favourite pair of boots out in the rain, you don’t want to neglect your Super73 RX Mojave. A little TLC goes a long way, trust me!

Regular Checks: An Apple a Day…

You’ve heard the saying, right? In this case, it’s a quick check-up a day keeps the mechanic away. Keep an eye on the tyre pressure, brakes, and battery life. A few minutes before each ride can save you a world of trouble down the line.

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Your E-bike First Aid Kit

Hey, even the best of us have off days. If your Super73 RX Mojave decides to throw a tantrum, don’t panic. We’ve got handy solutions for common issues. With a little patience and elbow grease, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Pricing and Availability: Show Me the Money!

The Super73 RX Mojave, with its array of features and robust performance, offers excellent bang for your buck. For the latest prices and availability, check out Super73’s official UK website or your local bike shop.

FeatureSuper73 RX MojaveStealth B-52 BomberStealth P-7RStealth H-52MATE X 750WZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100
Power Output (Watts)20005200150052007501100
Speed (km/h)458045803245
Range (km)64100100708070
Weight (kg)344941472724
SuspensionFront & RearFullFullFullFrontFront & Rear
Price (£)330090007000850025003000
Folding featureNoNoNoNoYesNo
Off-Road CapabilitiesHighExtremeHighExtremeModerateHigh
Battery Recharge Time (hrs)4-533344-5
Max Load Capacity (kg)125120120120150130
Comparison Table For E-bikes vs Super73 RX Mojave

The Super73 RX Mojave provides impressive power and speed, with a 2000W motor allowing it to reach speeds of up to 45km/h. It’s also designed with off-road capabilities in mind, featuring front and rear suspension. However, it lacks a folding feature, unlike the MATE X, making it a bit more inconvenient for transport and storage.

The Stealth B-52 Bomber is the high-end option here, with a whopping 5200W of power and an impressive top speed of 80km/h. It boasts the longest range of all the bikes, although it is also the heaviest and most expensive. The Stealth P-7R and H-52 share many of the same characteristics, although the P-7R has slightly less power and range, reflected in its lower price.

The Stealth P-7R offers a blend of power and range with its 1500W motor, reaching speeds up to 45 km/h and a substantial 100 km range. Its full suspension system provides smooth rides on various terrains. Though on the pricier side, its robust construction and high load capacity make it a worthy investment for heavy-duty use.

The Stealth H-52 stands out with a massive 5200W motor, achieving the highest speed of 80 km/h. Its range is a solid 70 km, suitable for most off-road adventures. Although it’s one of the heavier and pricier bikes, its extreme performance might justify the investment for thrill-seekers.

The MATE X 750W is the most affordable option, with relatively modest power output and top speed. Its standout feature is its foldability, which makes it highly portable and convenient for city commuting as well as off-road exploration.

The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 strikes a good balance between performance and price, with a solid 1100W of power, front and rear suspension, and a reasonable price point. Its weight is the lightest of all, making it an excellent choice for those prioritising portability and manoeuvrability.

Pros and Cons: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

No product is perfect, and the Super73 RX Mojave is no exception. It’s a fantastic e-bike with a powerful motor and sturdy build, but it’s not exactly a featherweight. Then again, you wouldn’t want a featherweight e-bike tackling rugged terrains, would you?

What Do Riders Think?

Nothing beats hearing directly from those who’ve put the Super73 RX Mojave through its paces. Let’s see what some happy riders have to say about their experience.

Scott M. from GB shares his newfound love for his Super73 RX Mojave, saying it’s become his daily go-to vehicle. His car? Collecting dust. The ride comfort? Like riding a cloud. The speed? Absolutely rapid. It’s clear that Scott is enamoured with his Super73 RX Mojave, even noting the envious remarks he gets when out and about!

Neil J. from the United Kingdom mirrors Scott’s sentiments, describing his Super73 RX Mojave as the object of jealous looks. He enjoys using the bike for both urban commuting and off-road adventures, praising the ride comfort and range as excellent.

Omar R., another rider from GB, is also thrilled with his purchase, dubbing the bike as “insane”. He commends the quality specs and calls his rides the “most fun and enjoyable”. Omar rates the range, comfort, and braking of the Super73 RX Mojave as excellent, noting that the speed, while not as rapid, is perfectly steady.

Looking For More Information?

If you’re after more bike maintenance tips or information on UK e-bike laws, some fantastic resources are out there.

The British Cycling website offers a wealth of information about maintaining your bike, including detailed guides and tips on everything from cleaning and lubricating your chain to adjusting your brakes.

Another excellent resource for understanding UK e-bike laws is the website. Here you can find detailed information about the rules and regulations surrounding the use of electric bikes in the UK.

Lastly, the Cycling UK website also provides many advice on cycling and maintenance, including step-by-step guides on common bike fixes.

Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to maintaining your e-bike and staying within the law!

Conclusion: The End of the Road

To wrap it up, the Super73 RX Mojave is a true contender in the e-bike arena. It’s speedy, it’s comfortable, it’s durable, and it’s darn fun to ride. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or just getting started, it’s a fantastic choice.

FAQs: Just in Case We Missed Something

How long does it take to fully charge the Super73 RX Mojave?

The Super73 RX Mojave typically takes 6-7 hours to fully charge.
Perfect for an overnight power-up!

Is the Super73 RX Mojave waterproof?

The Super73 RX Mojave is water-resistant, so a bit of drizzle won’t hurt it.
However, it’s not a fan of swimming, so avoid submerging it in water.

How much does the Super73 RX Mojave weigh?

The Super73 RX Mojave tips the scales at approximately 38.5 kg.
It’s not exactly a featherweight, but then, it’s not a lightweight performer either.

Can the Super73 RX Mojave handle steep hills?

With its powerful motor, the Super73 RX Mojave can tackle steep hills like a pro.
Bring on the inclines!

Is the Super73 RX Mojave suitable for long-distance commuting?

With a range of 40-75 miles depending on your riding style and terrain, the Super73 RX Mojave is ideal for both short commutes and long countryside rides.

My Final Thoughts

Thank you for sticking around to the end of my Super73 RX Mojave Review UK. Having gone through the nooks and crannies of this unique e-bike, I can confidently say it’s a real star, whether you’re a city dweller, off-road junkie, or simply someone who loves the thrill of the wind in your hair. Its powerful motor, impressive speed, and off-road chops make it a heavy hitter in the e-bike arena.

Alright, you know what time it is. It’s time for that classic joke to add a bit of levity to our day:

Why don’t e-bikes make good detectives?

Because they always have a problem with leads!

I’m sorry, I promise I’m a better e-bike reviewer than a comedian 😅

I trust that this Super73 RX Mojave review UK has shed some light on this remarkable e-bike and all its bells and whistles. You, my incredible readers, are the reason I keep doing this, and I can’t thank you enough for your time and support. Our e-bike journey is far from over, and I’m excited about what’s to come. Don’t forget to drop a comment and keep the chatter going – I always respond to genuine comments! Stay tuned for more electrifying e-bike reviews, and until next time, happy riding!

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